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Illustration and Content Development

A Contemporary Approach to Design rooted in the Alkebulan Kushite~Këmite Mëdu’nëtër.

Visual representation is primordial, ancient and universal language.

– Creative Direction by Râd Sên

 Pulses of Sénénuwub’iyah Within The Beats of Kush.

The Great and Ancient Master of the Mëdu’nëtër Iriti Sên, who lived H <2652> during the reign of the Faras Mentu’hotep and wrote the first recorded Book of Esthetics, Art and and Design in the History of Adamity, would agree with his Vigilant Descendants and Guardian inheritors: Design, as rationacinated very early in the Âtumite Primordial Tradition’s Quadratics of Hight of Spirit, Depth of Soul, Width of Heart and Length of Knowledge, is one of the reflections of understanding, communication and intelligence.

Illustrator Râd Sên


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