Corporate Identity

A Contemporary Approach to Branding Rooted in the Alkebulan Kushite~Këmite Mëdu’nëtër.

Powerful corporate and institutional identities are coherent and connect three fundamental elements: the positive value proposition offered to the customers/public, the objective systemic capabilities that allow to create value and the subjective representation of the products and services that leverage those capabilities. With this project, we went straight to communicating the corporate identity quickly through iconic visual representation as primordial, ancient and universal language.

– Creative Direction by Râd Sên

Fire V Power
Fire V Power

 Pulses of Sénénuwub’iyah Within The Beats of Kush.

DEIXIS developed the branding and spatial design for this Energy Company project with global ambitions. A sophisticated and contemporary approach that work perfectly for a global customer base in all market segmentations. The agency worked alongside with the company founder on creating a contemporary brand visually rooted in kushite kemite Heritage.

Client Force V Power


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